Sunday, November 26, 2006

Rain Rain Go Away

Well the rain has been continuing, it truly is the rainy season – I wish I could send some of it home but it seems to be rather attached to equatorial Africa. We’ve been down at the Hairy Lemon, a few more kayakers have shown up with the festival now only a week away. Scott Lindgren and his brother Dustin are out shooting a film with Steve Fisher and Benji Hjort the Norwegian creek boater is here too.
We’ve been surfing mainly on the waves near the Hairy Lemon – I finally got up the guts to surf Nile Special but I’m still not brave enough to try getting onto it with the rope – I chicken out at the eddy line and let go. So I walk up each time and drop in from above - works fine until you run into a forest cobra on the rocks… rather large black and rather deadly snake… hmmm anyway one of the local kayakers threw a large rock at it hitting it in the back and it slithered off into the water. Great!! A large deadly and now very pissed off snake swimming around… however we didn’t see it again.
We headed back up to day 2 yesterday and I ran KalaGala again after that it was just a relaxed run down the river. I had another trip into the International Clinic in town, that makes it five now, as Adrian was pretty ill – they did the standard IV antibiotics and he seems to be on the mend. Apparently Thatcher has malaria as well, we haven’t seen him yet but Aliya is looking after him. Anyway looking forward to the fun of the festival…


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