Tuesday, October 10, 2006

Malaria, staph infections and anything but clothes

Well it's been an eventful week, Kat's had an infection from a cut in her foot and has been on broad antibiotics. On Saturday a group of us (minus Kat) went down to paddle the day-2 section organising a pick u from Hairy Lemon at 6pm. After five swims and a broken paddle and at least one T-rescue we finally made it back to Hairy Lemon at 7pm in the midst of a huge thunderstorm and buckets of rain which made for an interesting drive back to NRE and we arrived tired and hungry at 9pm to find Kat had taken a major turn for the worse and Thatcher was with her at the clinic in town.

They returned very soon as the clinic in town had not had power so couldn't do anything and had diagnosed malaria without any test and sent her home! I wasn't happy with that as I was worried about the infection in the foot, so I spoke to Aliya who runs the restaurant attached to the Nile Porch (another part of NRE) and she made some phone calls and convinced one of the international doctors to see us in town. So we bundled Kat back into a car, she was barely with us and not looking well at all, and it was off to the international clinic where we were met by a lovely Dr Charles and his nurse and they had a generator on so there was power.

A quick finger prick test told him it wasn't malaria and he diagnosed a staph infections from the cut in her foot. Pumped full of IV antibiotics and with a canulla in her hand in case she needed more IV antibiotics in the morning we took a slightly improved Kat back home a lot happier that we knew what was wrong. Aliya had also given us a room in the Nile Porch (a much classier style of accommodation catering to a cleaner, richer market than us paddlers) for the night so that Kat would have a bathroom close and bed rather than a tent. Luckily in the morning Kat had improved enough that Dr Charles decided that oral antibiotics would be fine and there wasn't any need for more IV antibiotics.

Add to this the fact that Josh has just got Malaria (Aliya was looking after him in her banda) - poor Josh they left at midnight last night for their flight to Zambia and he was not well despite the malaria treatment almost being finished.

And then as usual the parties have been fun, Monday was Thatcher's birthday and we celebrated with an "anything but clothes" party. I was wearing pages of Newsweek with gaffer tae to hold it on, Josh was in inflatable pool toys, Kylie was wear a cardboard box... needless to say it was a huge night.

Anyway today we're off to the Hairy Lemon again just for two nights before Steff and Kylie leave on Saturday and Monday respectively. That is, as long as Steff's passport has come from the Nairobi Australian embassy.

anyway so Kat is well and truly on the mend and starting to get bored, the rest of us are fine apart from the occasional hangover... hope all is well back home. Good luck in the Lea race this weekend to everyone who is going down, hope there's water for it.


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