Monday, September 25, 2006

Mullets and Anti-Mohawkes

Just a quick one to say that we're still alive, the team is down to
five now as Ruth has finished her paddling time in Uganda and is just
finishing off her trip with some volunteer work in Entebbe before she
heads home.
We've been down at the Hairy Lemon for the last little while along
with the Kiwis (Brendan and Josh) and the Americans who are called
(believe it or not!!!) Thatcher, Tyler and Walker !!! plus some random
pommy paddlers including Matt who's honorary girl on the team under
the alias Betty.

Anyway I didn't paddle because of the shoulder so it was lots of
hanging out, building dams in the little streams round the island,
swimming and reading. Oh yeah and Saturday night was a big one and now
nine of the boys have mullets or other interesting haircuts including
Walker with an "anti-Mohawk" with lighting strikes cut in…. hmmmm I
almost got a mullet ... kind of glad I didn't now as we’re back at NRE
and the reality of mirrors is hard for some hehehe.

At hairy Lemon we were treated to the most amazing lightning storm
which surrounded us on three sides and we sat on top of the hill in
the middle of the Hairy Lemon island watching the sky light up and
forks of lightning crash down.

I also had the pleasure of standing on the top of the picnic table on
the top of the hill (the only place with a hint of mobile reception on
the island) speaking to commonwealth bank in Australia trying to report my
visa card lost - the girl on the other end asked me about three times
where I was calling from ... I decided to just say Uganda rather than
"the top of a table, on a hill, on an island in the Nile... "

Oh and I realised that I've been paddling with a UK paddler who has
been tutored in maths by my aunt at Oxford! Small world.

Anyway love to all, I'm hoping to get back in my boat in the next few
days for some flat water paddling to see how things shape up. Although
drunkenly rolling down a hill on Saturday night may not have been the
best rehab… the shoulder is not so bad though, general range of
movement is pretty good and it's not particularly sore.


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