Thursday, October 19, 2006

Sad News

Well time for another update as the six are now down to two with Kylie having left for the UK/Spain and then on to Sth America and Ruth, Steff and Marj back in Melbourne. This week has been overshadowed by the death of a kayaker back home in northern NSW on the weekend, tragically the kayaker was Simon Vos, Steff's partner and someone I paddled with at Easter when I flew up to QLD.
Marj was on the river with Simon at the time, as were three other boaters whom I know from the Easter trip and Penrith. Despite CPR efforts until the helicopter came Simon had been under water for too long and nothing could be done. Steff was in the air on her way home at the time of the accident and so got met at the airport by Marj who broke the news.
Despite all knowing the risks, it's a shock when someone you know dies doing the sports we all love. Steff and Marj are as ok as can be expected – they and the rest of the crew and Simon's family are in our thoughts right now.
The scene here is quiet at the moment, there aren't many boaters around but that's kind of nice in a way as it was so busy when we got here. We've had a lot of runs down Silverback – a section that incorporates fives of the largest rapids on the river and the way to get back to camp is on the back of a boda boda (motorcycle) with kayak across your knees between you and the driver – hehehe – trouble is the kayak is quite wide so we accidentally nudged a cow the other day.
Kat and I are having a great time buying material and getting skirts made at a local tailor, and even more fun is to be had by riding the boda boda's sidesaddle when wearing the above mentioned skirts (all the African women ride this way).
Adrian (from Tassie) should be turning up tomorrow which is awesome – yay for more people to play with.
Kat and I are both toying with the idea of staying a few extra weeks to see the Nile kayak festival which is in early December but nothing has been decided yet.
Anyway our boda boda's are waiting outside to take us home…
Lots of love to everyone, please don't worry we are being very safe on a river that has a record of being very safe. Apart from minor ear infections etc we're all healthy and happy. And for everyone else doing those normal weekend trips to Araps, etc and paddling, please take care out there.


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