Monday, July 16, 2007

Victorian Winter - Skiing continues

Well, after being reminded that paddling is cold I decided to stick to the frozen water for another trip to the snow, this time to my old favourite Mt Stirling. It had absolutely dumped snow a few days earlier and we had to use chains (my brand spanking new $31 chains from ebay) to get up to the car park which is justabout unheard of. Then it was off into the Narnia-like winter wonderland full of fresh snow.
Despite a the weather forecast being gloomy the trip was great with awesome skiing conditions we set up camp at the cricket pitch and it began to snow on us as we cooked dinner. My bivy bag soon began to resemble an igloo and as always in the snow people headed off to bed straight after dinner to snuggle up in warm sleeping bags. Getting into the bivy while it's snowing is hard without bringing a whole heap of snow in there with you but once inside it's cosy and warm. During the night the snow stopped and the sky cleared so it was bright and clear when heads started poking out of tents in the morning. After packing up we headed up to the summit where the wind and cloud meant we alternated between beautiful views of the surrounding high country and complete white-out, then it was back to down past GGS hut to camp to pick up the packs and head back to the cars.