Wednesday, June 20, 2007

Victoria Winter - the skiiing part

Well, after a whole semester of studying and doing nothing remotely fun June brought some decent snow to the Vic high country and I thought it was time to practice my faceplants in the snow after not being on skis for many years.
A weekend trip to Mt St Gwinear with the MUMC crew turned out to be a weekend of awesome weather and awesome snow .... perhaps not awesome skiing but that'll have to blamed on my ability rather than the conditions ;-)
I got to test out my new bivy bag in rather cold conditions as it was -10 degrees by 8pm and a perfectly clear night - the bivy stood up to the test although I've decided my sleeping bag probably needs a wash and down boost for future snow adventures.
The Sunday dawned cold and sunny and we set off exploring towards Mt Baw Baw although the trail soon got so icy that we decided to stop and play on a sunny slope instead, after a few hours of snow ploughing round trees and landing face first in the snow it was time to head back to camp and pick up the packs before heading back down to the cars.


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