Thursday, December 07, 2006

Combat Boating

Location: Pucon, Chile
State of mind: Laja
Body: sprained ankle, sore neck, nose full of green goobas, hangover - too much beer (english boys are a bad influence.)
Favourite run so far: Combat boating down the Laja PUMPED!

Tick list:
Liacura - Cold water in the face after an overnight bus ride
Trancura Bajo - Probing the Pescador hole
Trancura Alto - 1 american lost in nasty eddy with volcano in the background
Coilico - Ditchin!
Sollipolli - Bumpin scrapin, flat tyre again.
San Pedro - Vortexes of doom!
Maichin - Pulling the moves! Stunning canyons and the woga tiga woga bird.
TrufulTruful - Into the corner with Luge speed
Cautin - DonĀ“t miss the eddies Jasmine, messy horizon line madness.
Laja - Haulin ass!


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